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How To Use Fallout 4 Bodyslide

  • I get a lot of questions as to how to use Bodyslide so I figured I could write up a quick article and post it with my bodyslide presets.Download, install, and enable: Bodyslide and Outfit Studio, CBBE, this (or any) preset into your mod manager of choice.

  • Launch Bodyslide through your mod manager

  • Under "preset", select your preset of choice

  • In the bottom left corner, select "batch build"

  • Ensure that all pieces are selected to be built

  • Select "ok"

  • Wait for Bodyslide to build the meshes

  • If your mod manager places your meshes into an "overwrite" folder, move your new meshes into a new folder/mod with a name like "Bodyslide Output"

A more detailed guide can be found in many other places but I figured this may be helpful for some people who just need a refresher. Happy modding :)

How To Use Fallout 4 Bodyslide

Pro-Tip: You can create a shortcut to BodySlide x64.exe (or bodyslide.exe) and drag it into the mopy\apps directory to create a shortcut which will allow you to start BodySlide from within Wrye Bash. The icon will appear on the bottom bar with all of the other utility icons.

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