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[S4E1] Something Out Of The Bible 2021

In their room, AJ sits down at the desk and begins to draw as Violet comes in asking if she can grab something. She is surprised when she sees a coloring box on the desk which she admits is what she's looking for. Violet says it's fine and that AJ can have it but Clem can choose to give it to her anyway which makes Violet thankful. She explains about how Sophie used to live in this room and how she would paint and that Minerva was very musical. Clem asks what exactly happened to them and Violet simply tells her that they were scavenging and didn't make it back. She admits she missing them and that she believes she's too harsh with others sometimes, Clem can say she is as well or say that she likes her, surprising Violet. If Clem kept the drawing box, AJ will have drawn a picture which Violet compliments as she leaves. The picture is of AJ protecting Clem which she hangs on the wall.

[S4E1] Something Out of the Bible

Marlon walks over to his desk and shows Clem a map of the school and the nearby area. Clem comments on the different parts of it and Marlon explains about the safe-zone which Clem and AJ should under no circumstances cross over as something always bad happens once somebody does. Marlon begins to ask Clem for help as he knows the food situation is becoming dire and that he needs her help desperately. Clem agrees to help and asks what she can do. Marlon explains that they can either help Brody and Violet with fishing or Aasim and Louis with hunting, giving Clementine the choice.

Marlon: We can't. whenever someone goes outside the safe zone, bad shit happens. People die or disappear. I just... I could really use the help, Clementine. Taking care of these kids, it's not easy. I'm worried that if I don't figure something out, if... if I don't fix our food situation... I can't lose anyone else. We've already lost so much. Friends, siblings... I can't let another kid die. It could break us.

Brody: I was there when those walkers killed Sophie and Minnie. They were really close with Vi and...I think she blames me for what happened to them. I mean, how do you even apologize for something that fucked up? I don't know. Maybe I deserve it.

Louis: Bet you can't grab the chair leg. Bet you can't grab it! Whoop, whoop! Too slow! Ha, ha! You suck! Yes, you do. Your turn. Oh, man! WAY too slow! It's like your muscle tissue is deteriorating or something. What's that? It is? Oh, I'm so sorry.

Tenn: I try not to focus on them being gone. I like picturing where they'd be now, instead. (shows drawing) Sophie was awesome at making stuff. She'd build a place big enough for all of us to live, and paint it, too, and Minnie'd be playing whatever new song she wrote... I guess death doesn't scare me because I know I have something waiting on the other side. Someplace safe, and happy. All of us together. 041b061a72


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