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  • Program very nice to show stars, to navigate into deep space and to view planets. All in real-time, textured, with 3d Graphic and with realistic planets and stars position, using MesaGL. I recommend to take precompiled binaries. It's coming 3DPlanetarium 1.5 with all constellations showed real-time and also i have ported the program underwindows.3dOP 1.113dOP stands for 3 dimensional Outdoor Photometrics. It takes in industry standard IES files (that describes the light direction and intensity coming from a luminaire) and projects the information onto predefined 3d grids. 3dOP is designed to help you explore the relationship between a light fixture and its light output in a way that is intuitive, immediate and simple.The product is distributed for free with license activation and has had 1000 downloads since its launch in Oct 2004. It uses FLTK and OPENGL and demonstates many FLTK featues. It implements printing on Windows OS and also allows exporting postscript to generate pdf output. It supports Windows and Mac 10.3 up.

  • A dockable toolbar demo 1.0Yet another demonstration of a technique that you could use to produce dockable/undockable toolbars using FLTK. Tested on OSX, linux and WinXP. Should work anywhere that FLTK works!

  • AIM-UC 1.4AIM-UC is a free application that allows to create graphs related to Quantum Theory of Atoms in Molecules (QTAIM). The input consists in AIMPAC wavefunction files or numerical grid data of electronic charge density. It was implemented in C/C++ programming language using fltk and OpenGl as external libraries.

  • An OSX bundle maker for FLTK-1.1 1.0A command line tool, using the FLTK library, to construct an OSX bundle for your app, converting icons in standard image files (gif, png, etc.) into OSX icons and storing them in the bundle. Can be used with makefile builds to automate the bundling of OSX builds.

  • AntiPaint 0.95A paint program with some advanced, techie-friendly features.

  • Anton v0.1 [Stale links 2014-04-29]Anton is an arithmetical game. Use basic operatorson 6 random numbers to obtain a target number. Anton calculates the best and fastest match to show how it can be done.

  • aPcStudio 0.6.5aPcStudio is a wavefile editor and digital sound studio for linux (a windows version follows). Since April 28th, Version 0.6.5(alpha) is available for testing.

  • barcode generator 4.0Co-operative 2d barcode image designing tool makes simplified way to makes industry level barcode snaps exclusive of any difficulty.

  • Bass Learnin' Tool 1.0 BetaThe Bass Learnin' Tool is a simple application to help you learn the notes on the bass guitar fretboard. It provides an Explore mode and a Test mode. In Explore mode, you can mouse over frets/strings to see what notes they are, and quiz yourself. In Test mode, a fret/string is highlighted and you are asked to identify what the note is. You can set the time limit, what frets to be quizzed on, whether to include sharps/flats, and several other settings.

  • bb 1.9An easy to use and straightforward interface to FLTK for the Chicken Scheme->C compiler.

  • BDReader 1.01BDReader is intended to be a comfortable comics reader. As a main feature, BDReader includes an auto panels detection on comics pages. BDReader supports classic comics book formats: CBR, CBZ and PDF as well as images archives (RAR, ZIP...).The GUI is done with FLTK 1.3, the image processing (panel detection) is using OpenCV, the PDF loading is done thanks to MuPDF and the loading of archives is done thanks to libarchive.

  • Bicycle Ride Calorie Calculator [STALE LINK: Jan 2012] 1.0Bicycle Ride Calorie Calculator is a simple program that calculates the number of calories expended on a bicycle ride. It is basedon an article in the May 1989 issue of Bicycling Magazine, pp. 100-103. It provides a good estimate of the number of caloriesburned based on time, distance, rider weight, wind speed and direction, drafting, and climbing. It is not meant to be a completelyaccurate calculator and playing with the input values will reveal that the equations break down for very small and very largeaverage speed values. Calorie expediture values seem very reasonable for average speeds between 5 and 30 mph.

  • bist 0.4.7Bist stands for bidimensional structures (in italian it sounds like "beast" in english ) and is a chemical drawing tool. It is focused on organic chemistry but it may be useful also for chemists or teacher as well

  • BluePlayer 0.66Simple Sound Player using FLTK 1.1.7. and Audiere library

  • BP-ANNA (Artificial Neural Network) 1.9.2BP-ANNA (Artificial Neural Network Architecture) is an efficient object oriented Back-Propagation artificial neural network library developed to nicely fit the FLTK library. The training algorithms include the Step Descent, Conjugate Gradient and Levenberg-Marquardt. The distribution include the source code and a two demo applications for Linux systems. BP-ANNA is very flexible to set multiple inputs, layers, neurons per layer and outputs in a simple way. There is a graphical neuronal network structure visualizer.The input data file are columns in plain text format. There are few examples in the bin directory. The outputs are taken from the last column backward to the first. So if the matrix has four columns you can take maximum the last three ones as outputs.Get the latest version with Git:$ git clone Zip file

  • bracket 1.0.0 (beta)bracket is a cross-platform high-dynamic-range (HDR) photo manager. It supports the most commonly used HDR file formats such as RGBE, OpenEXR, and floating point TIFF (including LogLuv). It also dabbles as a low-dynamic-range (LDR) photo manager by supporting standard JPEG and TIFF image formats.bracket can be used to create, view, analyze, calibrate, tonemap, and display HDR images. It allows conversion between different image formats, and supports basic image editing tasks such as rotating, cropping, flipping, and resizing.bracket works on all major platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux) and is distributed free of charge.

  • Bridge Calculator 13.11.0Bridge Calculator is the set of freeware, multiple languages programs that solve problems in the Bridge card game.It includes the program which quickly solves the double dummy problem, has both graphical (fltk2) and console-based interface. It can imports deals from many formats (e.g PBN, BBO .lin).Another program solves single dummy problem and has Graphical User Interface (in fltk2).There is also a program that generates cards distributions using multiple-threads. It is console-based and scriptable in Lua.C API to double-dummy solver is also available.

  • BushSweeper 1.0Clone of minesweeper game but you sweep bushs from your country vesion 1.0 released

  • Cartesian 1.1A 2D graphics library for visualisation of objects (especially scientific data) relative to various coordination systems.Features: non-limited number of logarithmic and linear axes with many modes of tick and grid generation and rescalling Various objects (points, lines, bars) can be plotted. User can also define objects with custom drawing.

  • Casino 0.1This is a simple two player card game against the computer.

  • CentauriED [STALE LINK: Jan 2012] 1.0Editor, which uses FLTK as UI, enables you to edit Alpha Centauri's Alpha.txt file.

  • CinePaint (Glasgow) alphaCinePaint is a collection of free open source software tools for deep paint manipulation and image processing. CinePaint is a collaborative project that spans the film industry, universities, and the open source community. The current version of CinePaint is GTK1-based, but a new version using FLTK is coming.Our new architecture, called Glasgow, enables tools for paint, playback, and batch control to run separately yet collaboratively while accessing our OpenImage server that shares images via shared memory and a text-based socket API. Release is scheduled for December 31st, 2005. Components available now as alpha test include CineCalc calculator based on PoloCalc. CinePaint is reusing code from many FLTK-based tools to build a suite of tools.Glasgow info:

  • classify [STALE LINK: Jan 2012] 0.1Classify is a quick-and-dirty C++ class generation tool. It generates the constructor, the destructor, and getters and setters for a given list of variables.

  • ClickShow 4.1A subtitle player for live performances and movie screenings that require manually synchronized subtitles.ClickShow is used to subtitle live broadcasts of MET operas as well as many film festivals including One World ( ) which is probably the largest human-rights documentary festival in Europe.

  • ClickShow 4.2A subtitle player for theaters and movie theaters. It's basic functionality is manual subtitle synchronization, i.e. there's someone sitting at a computer in a theater who pushes a button whenever an actor says something, so that the appropriate subtitle is displayed at the same time (this person is known as the "clicker").However, ClickShow can also play timed subtitles which is useful in movie theaters in situations where you want the subtitles to be projected by a separate projector. For example, the movie is on a real film real without subtitles, so you set up a projector to beam the subtitles on a small piece of white cloth under the actual movie screen. Etc. There's a surprising number of situations where this is useful.Also, ClickShow is networked, so one clicker can synchronize subtitles for any number of theaters showing the same film at the same time. This is used for Metropolitan Opera broadcasts only, as far as I know, but the functionality is there if you want to broadcast your theater show around the globe.

  • Clilypboard 0.1.5Clilypboard is Lied, Lilypond editor, without the editor. Lilypond items are saved in the system clipboard, then you can paste it into any text editor.

  • Cool FLTK2-CVS patch Will add superior look to your existing FLTK2 application. Note, that this patch doesn't work with FLTK 1.0.x series. To use it, you need FLTK2 CVS snapshot. The patch tested with CVS snapshot from May-7-2001

  • CoolInput 0.3Linux/Win32 FLTK2CoolInput descendant of widget Input,With a popup menu, caused click right mouse button.Add class CoolInputBrowser (with popup menu click right button mouse),CoolInputBrowser with max item in menu, manip styles menu and menu scrolls.Add class Conteiner, class for manip strings.Add Icon.h, functions set icons.Tested on pentium4 [arch x86]Gentoo Linux 2.6.17 [GCC-4.1.1] &&WinXP SP1[GCC-3.4.2 (MINGW32)]

  • Csmusgen (MU.SE.S.) 0.1.3Create and manipulate musical series, in Csound score code.

  • CsoundAV A realtime version of the famous sound synthesis language Csound, now supports Video, animated 3D graphics and provides widgets to control synthesis parameters in real-time. Widget opcodes are based on FLTK. Runs on Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XPA partial port (containing FLTK stuff) has been done for Linux. You can get it at

  • cvPreProcessor 0.9Cross-platform Visual Tool for the OpenCv computer vision libraryApply main Image processing operationGenerate a code for applied Image processing operation.

  • Cygwin environment for FLTK Installation files and instructions needed to easily create a complete and current version of the Cygwin/Mingw32 development environment that can be used for FLTK.If you want to write programs using FLTK under Windows but don't want to buy a compiler, you want this.It includes the following:Cygwin B20.1 updated to 20000227Minw32 20000203 (MSVCRT)Binutils 19990818-1 (fixed)GCC 2.95.2-1Insight 19991101 graphical debugger

  • D+ Browser 0.5aDPlus is a graphical web browser with an emphasis on security, performance and portability. DPlus currently supports Windows, DOS, OS X and Unix systems. DPlus is a fork of Dillo that works on more platforms than Dillo.

  • DADBIZ Business Management 1.05 betaAn initial working version of an application to manage small business, right now only products, clients and invoicing (screen in English,Spanish,Portuguese). It's made with FLTK, ruby, and sqlite. Only the win32 installer - I'll put the complete source code up soon.LINUX binaries :

  • Data Form Designer Suite for XMPP 0.2 [Stale links 2015-04-09]This suite provides not just a RAD-like designer for data forms (XEP-0004) but also a tool which provides these data forms to end users. For more information please visit project's homepage.

  • Development Package for Dev-C++ and Code::Blocks FLTK 1.1.x-rXXXXFLTK 1.1.x Latest Snapshot Package for Dev-C++ and Code::Blocks for testing and fun.

  • dillo 3.0.5Dillo Web browser is a very fast, extremely small Web browser that's written in C and C++. The source is around 600 KB, and the static binary is about 980 KB.It is a graphical browser built upon FLTK-1.3, and it renders a good subset of HTML and CSS, excluding frames, JavaScript, and JVM support.

  • DiskFreeSpaceUI 0.3A GUI for the df tool.

  • DJV Imaging 0.8.2 BetaDJV Imaging provides professional movie playback software for film production, VFX, and computer animation.Features:Versions available for Linux, Mac OS, Solaris, and WindowsWorks with both image sequences and movie filesSupports high dynamic range imagesUses OpenGL for accelerated image processingSupport for industry standard file formats including Cineon, DPX, OpenEXR, and QuickTimeIncludes command line utilities for batch image processing

  • EarthSight 1.0EarthSight is an Earth viewer application using NASA satellite imagery

  • edanator 1.0Graphical binary/hex calculator and bit manipulator. Intuitive graphical binary and hex calculator. Each nibble is displayed in hex and binary. Clicking on the button (hex nibble or binary bit) changes the value. Bit and nibble shifting is supported via dedicated buttons. Variable width per word (up to 64-bits). Three words (each on a different row), top word is X, middle is Y, bottom is Z. Mathematical operations are selectable via the menu: Z = X & Y, etc. Unique features: ability to display multiple words in hex, binary and decimal at the same time and ability to construct words a nibble or a bit at a time.

  • EDE 2.1EDE (Equinox Desktop Environment) is desktop environment for UNIX-like operating systems. Main features of EDE are speed and responsiveness, low resource usage and familiar look and feel.

  • EDI Courier [STALE LINK: Jan 2012] 1.0EDI Courier is an inexpensive and simple to use EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) translator and mapper with VAN communications built-in for Unix and Microsoft Windows 95 or greater.It is designed to integrate with almost any accounting/production system; although it can be used for data entry and printing.

  • Electronic solver 0.0A program to solve electronical circuits. Right now you can solve everything linearly solveable, even with complex values. A generic plotting utility makes it possible to query random parameters, e.g. for making bode plots. This is more intended for experimenting than for serious circuit solving.

  • Embeding a dialog in other dialogs [Stale links 2015-04-09]A small example of embeding a dialog in another one with fluid, allowing one to modify position of widgets of the original dialog box in the parent one.Useful for example for a file chooser that one want to embed in another dialog box ... All is done using fluid.

  • ESDBomber 1.1ESDBomber is a cross platform multiplayer bomberman clone completely written in C++.Unlike many other implementations, this clone consists of a dedicated server to host the game and a separate GUI gaming client implemented with the help of FLTK. Both components are available for Linux and Windows. The client supports multiple graphical and audiovisual themes that can be easily modified or customized by creating a separate set of PNG and WAV files.

  • ESP Widget Set 2.0 [Stale links 2015-04-09]Full collection of widgets, including docos.CheckButton, FileBrowser, FileChooser, FileIcon, FileInput, Fl_Wizard, HelpView, HelpDialog, HelpApp.

  • Experimental Robotics Framework 0.4The Experimental Robotics Framework is a OpenGL graphical component system. It's designed for rapid prototyping of components and it can be used for other activities other than robotics. It supports webcam, latex, picking, shaders, voice interfacing and alot more.

  • Extreme Wave 0.2.1 [Stale links 2015-04-09]Extreme Wave is a free 3d modeling system based on Guile and Fltk that currently emphasizes povray export. This should be considered "alpha software" intended for developer consumption. Latest Release: 4-18-99

  • fanntool 1.0fanntool is a cross platform tool for the Fast Artificial Neural Network (FANN) library. It can detect the optimum parameters for an artificial neural network (ANN). It allows you to adjust an ANN's parameters easily, train with different parameters, and test an ANN.

  • FastLightQRZ 2.2Interface to the QRZ cdrom amateur radio callsign database published by AA7BQ. Version 2.2, compatible with QRZ cdrom Volume 26. Source code and compiled/linked apps available.

  • FL Wave 1.0A simple waveform viewer applet intended for use in a multitrack audio editor. Uses a simple callback to request data to display making it flexible without causing a headache.

  • fl-arc-glwindow 0.1FL-Arc-GLWindow contains the FLTK implementation of the arcball rotation control, originally proposed by Ken Shoemake. This is a C++ library that is derived from Fl_Gl_Window and can be used to visualize objects in 3-D space.

  • FL-Essentials 1.0.0FL-Essentials is a FLTK and OpenCV based software system which provides extreme easiness in image processing with FLTK GUI. It consists of C++ class library and gives parallel processing support. It makes FLTK functionality easier, faster, and lighter. It works fine as a static or shared library.I wrote this library because I thought it would be a fun project and to make FLTK a lot easier for real-time image and camera handlings.

  • FL-Inventor 1.0.2A complete and portable fltk/inventor 3d toolkit. WHAT'S NEW in 1.0.2: now compatible with latest Cmake tool (2.4.3) and latest fltk 1.1.7 cvs.WHAT'S NEW in 1.0.1: new fl-inventor icons for scene viewers, one fluid file was not sync'ed with its cxx/h files.WHAT'S NEW in 1.0.0:Yes this is the first 1.0.x major release ! The most complete & stable release to date. Now uses the latest cmake tool (1.8.3),fltk (1.1.4), has been compiled and run on linux and win32 (with gcc3.3.1/visual c++ 6 and 7 (.net 2003) ) Now features new renderer classes & factory architecture with optional glFeedback lib support (vectorial postcript output).More to come... So stay tuned ;-)

  • flabc 1.0.6A free music and tablature typesetting program.

  • FlBurn 0.0.3FlBurn is an optical disc burning software for linux based on the libraries libburn and libisofs.

  • flburncd 0.1This program is very simple for burning iso images created by mkisofs or any other foftware. It use burncd as write program.-----------FreeBSD (*BSD) software!!!

  • flCalc Here is a pocket calculator with the usual scientific functions, binary, octal, decimal and hexadecimal bases. It is intended to be a part of the FLE project.version : 0.99.1last update :April 29th 2001

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