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Where To Buy Paperweights !!TOP!!

These antique paperweights were originally manufactured over a short period. Production ceased around 1860, which is when collecting began with a vengeance, especially among the wealthy. The glass paperweight enjoyed a renaissance after the Second World War and they are still made by modern glassmakers today, with weights by artists such as Paul J Stankard commanding high prices.

where to buy paperweights

Below is a selection of the paperweights that we have for sale - please use the menu at the top for more examples, for galleries of images to help with identification, and for links to other resources including recommended Books and other websites. You can click on images to enlarge them.

Here at Behrenberg Glass, we have a huge variety of glass paperweights that are perfect for decorating numerous ways. Decoupage is the most popular form of decorating one of our paperweights. We specialize in our 3/8" thick clear glass paperweights. They have a beautiful diamond ground edge, giving the sides the perfect softness. We also hold stock of crystal glass paperweights that range in different sizes, shapes, and recesses.

Worrying my weight with my left hand, I thought back to Capote. He traveled with his paperweights in a black velvet bag, taking as many as six of them, even on two-day trips to Chicago. They were a comfort, he explained.

The perfect desktop accessory and a classic that endures the test of time, these wonderful Bristol blue glass paperweights capture the spirit and essence of Bristol, from the SS Great Britain and The Matthew ships, through to the Clifton Suspension Bridge and Concorde. The perfect Bristol keepsake souvenirs, our blue glass paperweights can be found around the city for sale in various stores.

Email Peter for further details for other Pacific Collection pieces. The Pacific Collection paperweights listed below are available for direct purchase using PayPal secure credit card payment. Use the # number to help identify the piece.

After studying business communication at Cornell University, Matt worked within Fortune 500 companies, where he noted that qualified candidates were frequently denied interview opportunities due to poorly written documents.

by Paul Jokelson & Gerard Ingold (Papier Presse, 1989). This book contains large color photos of paperweights and their creators. Artists like Paul Ysart, Delmo and Debbie Tarsitano, Steven Lundberg, Randall Grubb, Ray, Bob, and Bobby Banford, Francis D. Whittemore, Jr., Paul Stankard, Charles Kaziun, Chris Buzzini, Ken Rosenfeld, and other makers famous in our community of paperweight collectors are shown. But one famous lampwork paperweight artist is missing, David Graeber. The definitive book about David and his work is yet to be written.

Leo Kaplan, Ltd. Will be sponsoring David Graeber as the guest artist Saturday, but the fun begins on Friday at 3:00pm at the Houston Studio Glass location at 610 Jackson Hill where David Graeber will provide a hot glass demonstration. Dick Moiel and Kathy Poeppel are opening the glass studio for this very special demonstration of David at work creating a paperweight.

On Sunday, PCATX will convene at the Pearl Fincher Museum of Fine Arts, 6815 Cypresswood Drive in Spring, Texas, for a very special opportunity to view paperweights on display at the museum and visit with collectors. This is planned as an opportunity from 10:00AM to Noon to view some of the finest paperweights in the world.

His self-employment created the opportunity to travel worldwide. When he visited Europe, he found his path into the countryside, forming relationships with artists and buyers. In 1996 he developed his website, which shows the artistry of old masters of paperweight, such as Clichy and St. Louis, while introducing the public to emerging artists from the U.S. and other destinations. World renowned artists like Rick Ayotte, Ken Rosenfeld and Debbie Tarsitano are his friends and business associates. They are the artists. He sells their paperweights.

Will and I talked about the dwindling numbers of paperweight collectors. We can find inexpensive paperweights, even at Walmart, but the antique paperweights can fetch as much or more than $50,000. The manufactured weights (made in quantities) bring far less.

All members of PCA TX are invited to bring paperweights you no longer are interested in having in your collection to the PCA TX meeting in Buda, Texas, June 20, 2015 where a silent auction will be held with proceeds benefiting the PCA TX organization. Sellers determine in advance the minimum (reserve) bid if any to place on the weight. Buyers will pay by check or cash and there will be a 10% premium going to the Paperweight Collectors Association of Texas, Inc. Scholarship Fund.

Members who have acquired paperweights since the last meeting will also want to consider bringing them to the meeting prepared to say just a word or two about them and share their beauty and uniqueness with other collectors.

Learn about different types of paperweights, i.e. millefiori, lampwork, sulfides, scrambles, surface-decorated, dumps, etc. Recognize classical period (1845-1860) vs. contemporary (20th c. to now) and familiarize yourself with paperweight terminology. Click here to view a glossary of paperweight related terms.

Learn about how paperweights are made. Demonstrations can be seen at PCA artists' studios and at PCA conventions. Many videos showing paperweight making processes can be found on YouTube. A good one for understanding how millefiori weights are made is called "How It's Made - Millefiori Glass Paperweights." An excellent one about lampwork paperweights is called "David Graeber Fire and Glass." The artists in both of these videos are PCA Artist Members.

Join PCA, go to regional meetings and national conventions. If there is a International or regional group in your area, join it. It will lead to some great experiences, new friendships, new knowledge, and maybe even a new paperweight. Go to the biennial PCA conventions. You will meet the artists, learn from the speakers, visit a museum glass collection, and see the artists demonstrate paperweights being made. Last but not least, thousands of paperweights will be available for purchase.

This listing is for a custom cremation flower paperweight with colors of your choosing. Pictured above is one of our most popular colors for flowers, but all colors are available. These paperweights are approximately 2.25 inches across in diameter, 0.5-0.75 inch tall, and are completely flat on the back with a convex lens front. We also offer 3 inch diameter paperweights.

Hold down your papers in style with Crown's Crystal Paperweights. Crown Recognition is proud to offer a wide selection of crystal paperweights for recognizing and rewarding those who truly deserve it. Our paperweight awards area wonderful way to show your gratitude and appreciation to employees, business partners, and clients alike.

Here at Crown Recognition, our goal is to help you find what you're looking for. Whether it's one hundred recognition paperweights for your entire office or a single paperweight for an exceptional employee, we've got you covered. With an expertly trained team of customer representatives and an online catalog of our best products, Crown Recognition is the best source for top quality crystal paperweights.

Paper weight can be confusing. There are two ways that paper weight is measured and stated. The United States measures paper weight in pounds, whereas it is standard to measure in grams per square meter (g/m) outside of the US.

Originally designed as practical items during the 19th century, paperweights have evolved into decorative art over time. Our vintage paperweight collection features brass, glass, and stone weights. The collection includes iconic designs such as millefiori globes, fruit designs in marble and alabaster, and objects encased in Lucite for auction.

Aside from enhancing your desk's decor, paperweights serve as convenient storage to keep your papers in place, especially if you are having difficulty securing your loose papers. Incredibly precise, paperweights are a marvel of craftsmanship. There is an undeniable magic to the sight of a magnifying glass dome of a fine paperweight in your hand, as well as the physical feel of the smoothness and weight of the object. The popularity of glass paperweights led to a range of styles, giving us a wide variety of collectible paperweights. Collectors and specialized dealers regard these styles as treasures.

The most elegant types of paperweights are those that are crafted from glass, even though paperweights have been made in different materials over the centuries. The popularity of glass paperweights rose in the late 19th century following the display of these items in several exhibitions, including London's Great Exhibition of 1851. Here at Bidsquare, we offer a wide variety of unique paperweights for sale if you're looking for something special. Our vintage paperweight collection features brass, glass, and stone weights. The collection includes iconic designs such as millefiori globes, fruit designs in marble and alabaster, and objects encased in Lucite. 041b061a72


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