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Cfc Yfc Chapter Assembly Manual Free

GENERAL GUIDELINES 4. Area of Focus. Although the Pastoral Planning will involve both the Chapter and Cluster Youth Heads and Couple Coordinators, there are different planning considerations or area of focus for the Cluster and Chapter levels, to wit: Note: because of the different area of focus, the chapter and cluster level must work hand in hand to ensure that the PFO tracks are carried out to all the members.

Cfc Yfc Chapter Assembly Manual

180. This is an important issue, and I want to spend a brief chapter discussing it. If we appreciate this issue, we can distinguish the joy of youth from a false cult of youth that can be used to seduce and manipulate young people.

203. I want to state clearly that young people themselves are agents of youth ministry. Certainly they need to he helped and guided, but at the same time left free to develop new approaches, with creativity and a certain audacity. So I will not attempt here to propose a kind of manual of youth ministry or a practical pastoral guide. I am more concerned with helping young people to use their insight, ingenuity and knowledge to address the issues and concerns of other young people in their own language.

259. Young people intensely feel the call to love; they dream of meeting the right person with whom they can form a family and build a life together. This is undoubtedly a vocation which God himself makes known to them through their feelings, desires and dreams. I dwelt more fully on this theme in the Apostolic Exhortation Amoris Laetitia. I would encourage all young people to read especially the fourth and fifth chapters of that Exhortation. 041b061a72


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