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William Flores
William Flores

Gooscan \\u2013 Automated Google Hacking Tool Free

We discussed a brief on the directives that can be used to carry out search engine hacking. Manually trying out each of these directives can be a cumbersome task. To automate the process of search engine hacking and retrieving juicy information, we make use of automated tools.

Gooscan \\u2013 Automated Google Hacking Tool

The Google Search engine uses a bot detection technique. As a result querying Google using automated tools for Google hacking. This is overcome with the use of Google JSON/ATOM Custom Search API, which uses an API key. A user can register for an API key against a valid Gmail account and get a free 100 requests/day. Additional queries are available at a cost (Google charges $5 per 1000 queries). 350c69d7ab


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