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Mafia II Director's Cut HOT!

The first Mafia game is a classic. Set in the 1930s, it told a tale of an honest man's fall into a life of crime. Mafia 2 PC follows in its footsteps, with a story of war veteran Vito Scaletta, who gets dragged into mafia politics and conflicts while trying to pay off his father's debts. What follows is a downward spiral for Vito, his family, and friends. 2K Games' Mafia II is a journey to long gone decade and a personal story of a man's downfall.

Mafia II Director's Cut

Mafia 2 shows the players every step on Vito's road from a WW2 veteran trying to pay off his father's debt to a mafia operative who can claim credit for helping to remove opposing families. The tasks given to him are sometimes menial, other times violent, but they invariably mark his descent into crime and the losses resulting from it. See how Vito interacts with his family, as well as the story of his friendship with Joe, his lifelong friend. Excellent writing and easily believable voice acting make the characters come closer to life than you'd expect.

PThis mafia story takes place at the end of the 40s and beginning of the 50s in the style of a hollywood film full of authentic characters living their lives in a vibrant city. There will be car races, shooting and an exciting plot. Mafia 2 is a great sequel of the successful first game.

La Director's Cut se estrenará en PC próximamente. Por su parte, Xbox 360 y Playstation 3 reciben versiones de idénticos contenidos pero adaptadas a sus líneas de juegos económicos, Greatest Hits y Platinum Hits. Podéis conocer todos los detalles sobre este juego de acción y mafias desde nuestro análisis. 041b061a72

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