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Street Cricket

Morrisville, NC - Major League Cricket (MLC) and the Town of Morrisville announced today a multi-million-dollar public-private partnership to jointly invest in the expansion of Church Street Park, upgrading the facility into an international-quality cricket venue.

Street Cricket

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In order to celebrate diversity and inclusion in sport, they are aiming to get more kids interested through promoting street cricket. As opposed to the professional format, which is played on a grass oval with eleven players on each side, street cricket can be played in sports halls and of course, the street, with no expensive kit required.

The participants were joined by England international players James Vince, Liam Dawson, Katherine Brunt and Stuart Broad, who answered questions from the kids before presenting the Under 15s and Under 12s winning teams, Manchester Lightning and the Leicester Tigers, with their trophies after a thrilling day of intense, competitive street cricket.

It also increases the likelihood of England discovering the next Stuart Broad, Joe Root, or Moeen Ali. Higher participation levels and a therefore a bigger talent pool mean more chance of finding the next big thing in cricket.

The rough play, the dust, the nostalgia of cricket in your own gully; that is what Street Cricket is all about! The game depicts the ordinary street cricket scenario in every city of India. Street Cricket has the ability to transport you to the scene of action immediately and is extremely entertaining.

Just as most South American footballers usually grow-up playing the game on beaches and cramped thoroughfares, Pakistani kids get their first taste of competitive cricket on the streets.

But if we further narrow down the frequency and popularity of this phenomenon, Pakistan should top the list of countries were street cricket is a regular event. Almost every major cricketing star from the 1970s onwards who has represented and risen in this cricket-loving nation began his cricket on the streets before moving on to play the game at proper cricket grounds.

In his autobiography, Javed Miandad, perhaps the greatest batsman produced by Pakistan, mentions that he first started to play cricket as a kid on the streets of Karachi. Javed made his Test debut in 1976 at the age of 18 but was already playing first-class cricket in 1973. This means, street cricket was being played in Karachi even before the 1970s.

Dawar Farooq, a former club cricketer and coach who went on to train various first-class sides in the 1980s and 1990s, suggests that when he was a kid (in the early 1960s), people used to frown upon children who played cricket, or hockey or football on the streets:

But he hastily added: "Most schools at the time had huge fields where all kinds of sports were played. We never really had to go out on the streets to play cricket. We either played at our school (with a proper cricket ball), or played in our garage or even on the roofs of our houses!"

"School and college cricket circuit was very strong till the 1970s. But later in the decade as cricket began to become more popular than hockey in Pakistan, I noticed that more and more kids starting to play the game on the streets."

According to Dawar, it was from 1978 onwards that street cricket in Karachi became a more ordered affair. He began to notice a more serious streak of competitiveness creeping in and he began to organize tournaments in the area where he lived at the time (Akhtar Colony).

Today it is quite common to see everyone from young men to kids playing street cricket in the evenings, using a series of hastily lined up fluorescent bulbs and tube lights rented from nearby electric shops.

Pakistanis had their first glimpse of night cricket in early 1979 when the state-owned PTV began showing highlights of night matches played in Australia between international cricket stars signed-up by Packer.

"I used to live in the commercial part of the Soldier Bazaar area," he said. "I remember our team participating in various street cricket tournaments in Nazimabad, Lalukhet (now Liaquatabad), Azizabad and Saddar, where the prizes (for winners) included not only cash, but also bottles of Vodka and Lions Whiskey and cartons of Gold Leaf and Red & White cigarettes!"

As the stakes grew so did the status of street cricket and the level of competitiveness in it. This triggered brand new innovations suited entirely to the technical dynamics of this genre of the game.

For example, though the tennis ball would swing a lot in the air, it would hardly do anything off the wicket (rather off the street/road). One also struggled to generate any worthy pace with it, unless one was playing in a compound or a street surrounded by houses or buildings blocking the breeze that would slow down the light weight tennis ball.

Hitting the ball further also became easier. One of our hardest hitting batsmen was the burly Asif Parvez. He had to put in a lot of effort to swing at the tennis ball. But when taped balls came into the game, he began to hit some of the biggest sixes I have ever seen in the game of street-cricket.

From here street cricket could only grow, despite the fact that from the mid-1990s, young people had more opportunities to play cricket in the grounds owned by private cricket academies run by former cricketers.

Street Cricket Champions is the first ever cricket game developed for the PS2 and PSP by an Indian game development studio. Released exclusively for India, it is a depiction of a freestyle cricket game called 'gully cricket' or 'street cricket' usually played in the streets of India.

Street Cricket Champions is a fast paced, arcade styled street cricket action game. It focuses on team play and tactics present in the freestyle game which is played all around India. Street Cricket Champions consists of four-on-four cricket games. The game features over 13 detailed environments from the Indian and around the world settings. It includes 10 unique Indian characters and the customization options to create and customize your own characters.

To register your club or league, begin by logging in to your individual account at In the left hand navigation, click My Teams/Leagues, and select the appropriate team or league. In the top right click purchase membership, select the desired membership, and enter payment information if applicable. As a reminder, there is no cost for the introductory membership through June 30, 2018.

Friday cricket is ritual for thousands of people across the UAE. For the vast majority, that means vying for room in a dusty street or a car park, rather than on neatly manicured grass fields with a rolled flat wicket to bat on.

He has not forgotten what got him where he is in cricket. Just before the turn of the decade, he arrived from his home Jhelum, a city around 100kms south-east of the Pakistan capital Islamabad, on a tourist visa to visit friends in Fujairah. He is not even close to going back.

He bowled 10 deliveries in front of Aaqib Javed, the former Pakistan player who headed cricket in the UAE between 2012 and 2016. The national team coach was hooked, immediately calling him into his team.

Naveed is proud of the fact he earns well from cricket. He is content to bear the costs of the regular speeding tickets he says he has incurred in getting to matches, although he was grateful for the discount offered on paying the fines during Ramadan.

First played at the Royal Air Force base in the 1950s, cricket took hold when Abdul Rahman Bukhatir, an Emirati who became a successful businessman, fell in love with the sport while studying in Pakistan.

He funded the construction of a cricket ground in his home emirate, and the game flourished from the start of the 1980s.As well as a stadium of great renown, Sharjah also gave international cricket one of its all-time favourite players. Or at least played a small, but key role in his development.

Now Sharjah Cricket Stadium has staged more one-day internationals than any other ground in world cricket. On any given match day the action outside the stadium is usually every bit as fevered as inside.

Some coaches swear by the merits of tape-ball cricket. Aaqib Javed, who won the World Cup as a bowler for Pakistan in 1992, first gave Mohammed Naveed, the Fujairah tape-ball cricketer, his chance in international cricket, when he was coach of UAE.

Much in the way of hard-ball cricket, where there are rules against scuffing the leather artificially (and contravention of them can and has led to diplomatic incidents in the international game) ball tampering is regarded as both a crime and a skill in street cricket.

Tape-ball cricketers live to be considered the champion of their street, or the car park. They want to be king for a day, even if the intense summer heat of the UAE, for example, means games can be over before breakfast.

Street cricket is rent with machismo. Bowlers propel the ball as fast as they can, targeting head or stumps. Batsmen, as a rule, try to bludgeon the ball as far as they can, usually straight back past the bowler, or heave to the leg-side.

Stand on either of the interconnecting streets, and you have salubrious views in all directions. Look north east for a clear perspective of the Burj Al Arab. Dubai Marina dominates the skyline in the other direction, while the dapper skyscrapers of Barsha Heights and Dubai Media City are closer still.

These streets may be in the middle of up-market new Dubai. But because of the way they are configured, you would not use them unless you had taken a wrong turn. As such, even at the height of rush hour, there is no traffic. They are not really good for much, other than U-turns.

The only incursions on to the field of play are the speedboats that belong to the local residents, parked on their trailers beside the substantial villas nearby. Often, of course, on Fridays, these are at sea when the cricket is on.

If you were picking a spot to play street cricket with a view, this would rank very highly. Which is why Prasanna Ranjith is grateful his team, the Red Lions, have been able to call it their home ground for the past eight years. 041b061a72


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