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William Flores
William Flores

There's Something About Mary ((NEW))

The whole P.C. trip has certainly gotten out of hand by now, and deserves to get its nose rubbed in some reality-based poop. But -- like the much more dangerously vicious "Starship Troopers" -- the average audience for something like this isn't going to be laughing at the blatantly misguided idea of making cruel jokes about retarded kids, handicapped people, homosexuals, and animal abuse. They'll simply be laughing at those targets. If this sounds like I'm saying that I'm smarter than lots of the people who'll be seeing "There's Something About Mary," you're damn right I am. Have you sat down and talked to a 14 year-old boy lately?

There's Something About Mary

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Meeting Mary Vitinaros, at first glance evident she possesses all the major prerequisites for a model; tall, slim and beautiful, reminiscent of a Victoria's Secret angel. Stereotypically a model in every sense visually, however having spent time with her uncovered so much more; there's something about Mary.... 041b061a72


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