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William Flores
William Flores

1. Everything Is Great! !LINK!

Thanks Highhead. Sounds like it could be a bug then as I never use the Respawn on start variable and I make all of the missions for our group. I always use the Player Options module and have yes selected for everything on there.

1. Everything Is Great!

There is power in small improvements and slow gains. This is why average speed yields above average results. This is why the system is greater than the goal. This is why mastering your habits is more important than achieving a certain outcome.

The long summary, which I'm choosing to call the "oops, I didn't read it" summary, is more in-depth. It goes through everything that occurs in Act 1 without getting too far into the weeds. Despite the title of the second summary, I urge you to actually read the play so you have a stronger understanding of the voices of the characters and the thematic points Miller is trying to make. Also, if you don't read it you'll miss out on some amazing stage directions that can be easily misinterpreted as giggle-worthy euphemisms if you're as immature as me and my fellow blog writers.

Did you submit your CV (the PDF linked in the post) with your application? I know the app says not to include a resumé in lieu of the form itself, but are they OK with filling it out and listing everything else like that?

Thanks for the recipe. I am using it (more or less) to slow cook a pork shoulder right now. I doubled or tripled the proportions of everything but the salt, which I halved. I also tossed in a couple of pinches of ground sage and a teaspoon or two or liquid smoke (hikory flavour), because I like that with pork.

As someone who struggles with anxiety and depression where positivity is a conscious choice, I get a little skeptical about any advice on how to "magically be happier." This week, Penn was VERY excited to talk to our guest, while I had some hard questions. We had a great discussion with Neil Pasricha, a New York Times bestselling author of seven books, including his latest book Our Book of Awesome, who helped us understand how gratitude practices can help move the needle into a better outlook on life. In our discussion, I found out Neil and I had a lot more in common that I thought. (Stick around until the end for an actual blueprint for how to begin to put this into practice!) Learn more about Neil here:

Hamilton is clearly as hungry as ever to win and still feels a great sense of injustice about how he lost the title in 2021. Despite not winning a race last year, we still saw him compete at a high level, and the paddock consensus is that he will continue racing for Mercedes beyond this season. 041b061a72


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