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Blackshot X7 Macros 13

Here are the things we can't have in BlackShot, as they either: make the game unfair and lead to a repetitive experience which isn't fun. Could be things like circle strafing or spawning, things like that. It goes without saying that some things are also completely against the rules such as: spamming, cheating, hacking, cheating, manipulating or hacking. Would also include things like using voice chat or other ways of cheating using mechanisms like microphones, or using scanners to cheat, using third party sites to hack (which is why we won't be showing them anywhere on this website either). We don't want cheating because it won't be fair, as well as it's against the terms and conditions of the game. However, if you are going for an achievement for using a cheat, it's totally fair to say that you are cheating yourself. It's a judgement call, and it isn't up to us. We hope you read these so that you know what you are and aren't allowed to do. Good luck, may the lulz be with you!

Blackshot X7 Macros 13

In fact, there are so many cheats in BlackShot, that it's hard to make them all relevant to the game. Therefore, some of them have been removed from the game. There are several that still remain, and we have removed them from the game, but there are some that we can't remove, as we want them to be used as a test for your skill. Also, there are some Macros that we haven't included in BlackShot, because we just can't agree with what they do, or how they work, etc. Some of the Macros are just plain weird, but they are part of the fun, and some people use them.

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